Goodbye…for now.

by Gorakh Nath

Dear Visitors,

Some of you have noticed my continued absence and commented on it. I am not keeping well, and when you are sick, the blades of a ceiling fan can make a very uncomfortable bed. For this reason, I am relocating my spirit to more comfortable quarters. If I convalesce enough to float in the in-between world,  I may write again. I will confirm the address of my new abode, if and when I am able to join the blogosphere again.

Wishing you all hot and sweaty,  still happy summers,

– Gorakh Nath.


4 Comments to “Goodbye…for now.”

  1. Deeply saddened, hope you recover soon and get back to blogging, ‘alive’ and kicking!!

  2. Do take good care and get back soon! Will surely miss you.

  3. Gee Gorath Nath,

    I am sad to see you go but realize that you must take care of yourself first. Have a safe journey and when you are settled and feeling up to sharing more of your life/after-life, please let us know.

  4. *sigh* get well soon my ghostly friend!

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